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Household Bug Spray

Household Bug Spray 32 oz NEW
NEW Longer Lasting Formula. Kills roaches, ants, spiders, centipedes, fleas, ticks, bedbugs, earwigs, silverfish, mites and other bugs. Also repels biting and flying bugs.

$34.95 $27.95
32 ounces

$23.95 $17.95
16 ounces

$123.95 $99.95
1 gallon

Laundry Additive

Laundry Additive 32 oz
Kills bed bugs and mites in the wash. Use in cold, warm or hot water. All Natural ingredients. No harmful chemicals. Safe for you and your clothes. Use 1 to 2 tbsp in the wash.

$99.95 $89.95
32 ounces

$54.95 $47.95
16 ounces

$29.95 $24.95
8 ounces

Itchy Bite Aloe Gel

Itchy Bite Aloe Gel 9 oz
Soothes, cools, and relieves itchy skin caused by the scabies itch mite, mite bites, bed bug bites, bug bites and stings, skin rash and skin irritation. Non Greasy and Non Sticky.

9 ounces

$45.00 $40.00
two 9 oz

Carpet Powder

Carpet Powder 3 pounds
Kills bed bugs, mites, fleas, ticks, and other pests in your carpets and rugs.
Not Available in Hawaii
1lb Covers
200-250 sq ft
150-200 sq ft
100-150 sq ft

$59.95 $49.95
3 pounds

Household Bug Spray

Household Bug Spray 32 oz ORIGINAL
Original Formula. Kills roaches, ants, spiders, centipedes, fleas, ticks, bedbugs, earwigs, silverfish, mites and other bugs. Also repels biting and flying bugs. Best for paper or cardboard

$39.95 $34.95
32 ounces

$25.95 $23.95
16 ounces

$150.00 $123.95
1 gallon

Bug Free in Honolulu!

"Hello Lisa,
Please send two 32oz Cedar Bug Spray to my home -
It did an amazing wipe out on all the bugs, especially the ants -
Thank your company
Thank you Lisa from my heart."
Daisy, HI
"one is for me
one is for my friend”

This stuff really works!

"This stuff [Household Bug Spray] works great! When I used the way you told me it wiped out all the bugs. My neighbor Peter bought a gallon from you ‘cause he uses it for everything; I just ordered a gallon too. Thanks for your help."
Richard, SC

Will it kill Termites?

"Hi Folks,
Just to let you know: I put the little dresser which had termites on the patio (in the sun) for about 10 days, took the drawers out and sprayed and sprayed and sprayed -- although I ordered the wrong product (Household Bug Spray), it worked! No more termites! It helped that the inside of the dresser was raw wood, so evidently the bug spray penetrated the wood enough.
Thanks so much for an excellent product!
Sincerely," Laura J

Is This You?

“We have a roach infestation. We want to get rid of them, but we don’t like pesticides...”
Is this you?

“I have ants crawling in a line across my kitchen counter. I want to get rid of them without worrying about chemicals on my food…”
Is this you?

To Our Customers:

Household Bug Spray Original Formula is again available on this site. This product is best when treating items that are water sensitive such as paper or cardboard. Our blend of Cedar Oil and Hydrated Silica (Melted Quartz) will not damage such items but it is always wise to test a small area first.

Thank you.

Bugs that infest your home-roach/bed bug

Pesticides are harmful to your kids and pets

Do It Yourself Natural Bug Control

Do you . . .

  • Feel disgusted by ants and roaches crawling around in your kitchens and bathrooms?
  • Wake up with bites from bedbugs and mites that have inhabited your bedroom and are feeding on you while you are sleeping?
  • Want an alternative to using toxic chemicals in your home?
  • Want to use natural pest control products, but find that those you have tried are not very effective or long-lasting?
  • Enjoy the security of having a home free of household pests and toxic pesticides?

The Cedar Bug-Free™ Solution

Cedar Bug-Free™ has safe and effective solutions for all your pest problems. Our Household Bug Spray is an excellent contact bug killer and bug repellent. Our Laundry Additive kills bed bugs, mites and other bugs in the wash and will not leave unpleasant odors on your clothes. And our latest addition, Cedar Bug-Free™ Carpet Powder kills bed bugs, mites, fleas, ticks, and other pests in your carpets and rugs and lasts up to one year. Select from the tabs below for more information on these products.



Cedar Bug-Free™ Household Bug Spray

Do it yourself with Cedar Bug-Free Household Bug Spray. This organic pest control product gets rid of roaches, ants, centipedes, spiders, fleas, ticks, bed bugs, earwigs, silverfish, mites, flies and other bugs on contact, leaving a pleasant Cedar aroma. No harmful chemicals – Just food grade aromatic Eastern Red Cedar Oil and other natural ingredients. This is a genuine BIO based bug control agent that commands instant death to pests. It is also safe to use on people and pets as a repellent for biting and flying insects.


Cedar Bug-Free Household Bug Spray kills bugs on contact and continues to work as a repellent for hours after application. This product is safe for people and pets and can be used to control flea and tick infestations, ant and roach infestations, and even bedbug or mite infestations.  Cedar Bug-Free Household Bug Spray is also an excellent way to kill pests during the elimination period following professional pest control applications.


How it Works

When insects and other arthropods are exposed to Cedar Bug-Free Household Bug Spray, the aroma of the Cedar Oil overwhelms their breathing system and triggers a suicide response—the spiracles (breathing pores) close and cannot re-open. This Cedar Oil formulation also dissolves the insect eggs and larvae, eliminating the next generation of arthropod, while the aroma of Cedar disrupts their pheromone signals and creates a barrier of entry to newly arriving pests.  Cedar Bug-Free™ Household Bug Spray is more effective than other natural insecticides and it’s also longer lasting.


How to Use It

For common pests of kitchens and bathrooms such as ants, roaches, centipedes earwigs and spiders, it is best to spray Cedar Bug-Free Household Bug Spray along baseboards and kickboards under kitchen cabinets, into cracks and crevices, under appliances, and along known pest trails. Also spray under the sink and in any cupboards or drawers where you see signs of pest activity. This powerful Cedar product kills on contact and repels bugs from treated areas.


For mite infestations, spray Cedar Bug-Free Household Bug Spray over beds and sofas and allow the spray to rain down onto the surface. For best results, repeat this procedure over the bare mattress and each layer of bedding. Do this each evening before going to bed. Bird mites are common pests that invade the home through open windows, so it is a good idea to spray screens each evening to prevent mites from entering.


Bed bugs come out at night and tend to nest along sides of mattresses and box springs, behind baseboards and nightstands, and in furniture, so it is important to spray all of these areas thoroughly every night before going to bed. This action kills exposed bed bugs and will help repel the ones that come out during the night.


Our Household Bug Spray contains food grade ingredients and is safe to use around food. It is safe to spray on the skin as a mosquito repellent and is safe for use around pets.
CAUTION: AVOID CONTACT WITH EYES; if contact occurs, flush with water for at least 15 minutes. KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN. In case of ingestion consult a physician.


About the Ingredients

Cedar Bug-Free™ Household Bug Spray is formulated from all natural food grade ingredients that are Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS). There are no artificial fragrances, colorants or preservatives and no animal by-products or harmful animal testing.
Eastern Red Cedar Oil is extracted from a species of juniper found in North America east of the Great Plains called Juniperus virginiana. The oil is distilled from the trunk and branches, and is considered safe by the US FDA as a food additive.


Cedar Bug-Free Household Bug Spray is classified as a Minimum Risk Pesticide by the US EPA and qualifies for exemption from registration under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act.