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“My clothes have mites because I own a bird who likes to perch on my shoulder. Need something to use on my clothes so my bird and I aren’t exposed to toxins…”
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“I have ants crawling in a line across my kitchen counter. I want to get rid of them without worrying about chemicals on my food…”
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To Our Customers:

Household Bug Spray Original Formula is again available on this site. This product is best when treating items that are water sensitive such as paper or cardboard. Our blend of Cedar Oil and Hydrated Silica (Melted Quartz) will not damage such items but it is always wise to test a small area first.

Thank you.

Pesticides are harmful to your pets and kids

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Q: My house has termites. What is the main difference between tenting with Vikane gas and using Cedar Bug-Free Termiticide?

A: The main difference is that Vikane gas is toxic, deadly to people and animals, and is a powerful greenhouse gas, while Cedar Bug-Free Termiticide is natural, non-toxic, safe for people and animals and safe for the environment. Another big difference is that Vikane gas has no long lasting preventative aspect, while Cedar Bug-Free Termiticide permanently lowers the level of moisture in wood to a point that termites can no longer survive in it.


Q: How long should I use Cedar Bug-Free Plant Spray to kill the whitefly on my plumeria?

A: Spray both sides of all the leaves every 2 to 3 days until there is no more sign of whitefly. The time that it takes to eliminate the whitefly depends on the level of infestation and the proximity to other plants also infested with whitefly. Once the problem is over, spray the plants on a regular basis to prevent re-infestation.


Q: Is it safe to use Cedar Bug-Free Household Bug Spray around food? What if I accidentally spray some onto food? Will it be safe to eat?

A: Depending on the type of food, you may be able to rinse the product off before eating it. Fruits and raw vegetables may be rinsed, while mashed potatoes may need to be thrown out.


Q: I work where there are a lot of mosquitoes. What is the main difference between using DEET mosquito spray and Cedar Bug-Free products?

A: The main difference is that DEET is highly toxic to people and animals and is bad for the environment, while Cedar Bug-Free products that are labeled to kill and repel mosquitoes are natural, non-toxic to people and animals and safe for the environment. Another big difference is that a 90% DEET concentration bug spray is less effective at killing and repelling mosquitoes than the same amount of our Cedar Bug-Free Household Bug Spray which contains 10% red cedar oil.


Q: I have ten horses in a stable. What is the main difference between using my old fly spray and Cedar Bug-Free Fly Spray for Horses?

A: The main difference is that your old fly spray either contains toxic chemicals or not enough of the natural chemicals it needs to work effectively, while Cedar Bug-Free Fly Spray for Horses is safe, powerful and long lasting.


Q: I have a lot of allergies, will I have a bad reaction if I use Cedar Bug-Free Household Bug Spray as a mosquito repellent on my skin?

A: Try using the product on a small area of your arm or leg and wait to see if you have any redness or irritation. If redness or irritation occurs, discontinue use.


Q: I garden and I am an apiarist (beekeeper). If I use Cedar Bug-Free Plant Spray on my flowers, will it harm my bees?

A: Cedar Bug-Free Plant Spray has been formulated to kill garden pest bugs, not honey bees and other beneficial insects. Please refer to the instructions on the label and use the product at the recommended concentration.


Q: Can I mix your product with another pesticide to make is stronger? Should I dilute it with water to make it last longer?

A: Do not mix Cedar Bug-Free products with other chemicals or pesticides. Cedar Bug-Free products are very powerful as manufactured.


Q: Can fleas become resistant to Cedar Bug-Free Flea and Tick Spray the way they do with other pesticides?

A: Because of the way Cedar Bug-Free products work on the respiratory system of insects, they are not able to build up resistance.


Q: Some kinds of cedar are dangerous, what is the difference between those cedars and the Cedar in your products?

A: There are many western cedars that are poisonous to people and animals. Cedar Bug-Free products are made from Eastern Red Cedar Oil which is extracted from a species of juniper found in North America east of the Great Plains called Juniperus virginiana. The oil is distilled from the trunk and branches (not the leaves), and is classified as a Minimum Risk Pesticide by the US EPA.


Q: Will it smell like a pesticide, with that funky chemical odor you can’t get rid of?

A: Cedar Bug-Free products only leave behind the fresh clean aroma of cedar.


Q: Some molds are dangerous for people to be exposed to and are hard to get rid of. Will Cedar Bug-Free Mold Eliminator keep the mold from coming back?

A: Dangerous molds that grow on walls, floors and ceilings, or that grow on concrete or stone, will not come back after one or two applications of Cedar Bug-Free Mold Eliminator because this product locks out the moisture that molds need in order to thrive.


Q: Can your products be used in a fumigation machine?

A: All of our Cedar Bug-Free products may be used in a fumigation machine.


Q:> Are your products made in China or other foreign countries?

A: All Cedar Bug-Free products and ingredients are made in the USA.


Q: Can I dilute your product with water to make it last longer?

A: With the exception of our Cedar Bug-Free Plant Spray, none of our products contain water, instead they are oil based. Only the Cedar Bug-Free Plant Concentrate should be diluted with the proper amount of water before use. Diluting the Plant Concentrate too much will reduce its effectiveness.


Q: Do I need a license to use Cedar Bug-Free products?

A: You do not need a pest control license to use Cedar Bug-Free products.


Q: Are Cedar Bug-Free products made in an environmentally friendly way?

A: The Eastern Red Juniper tree is not endangered; in fact it is considered a problem tree in Texas and Oklahoma, where it grows out of control.  All of our cedar oil comes from established tree farms in the US, not from old growth forests.


Q: When I dispose of an empty bottle can I recycle it, or does it need special disposal because it contained pesticides?

A: Recycling your empty Cedar Bug-Free bottle is safe to do because the contents of the bottle are natural and non-toxic, and the plastic is recyclable.


Q: What is the main difference between Cedar Bug-Free Wood Protector and other wood protectors that contain copper?

A: The main difference between wood protectors that contain copper and Cedar Bug-Free Wood Protector is that our product does not contain any poisonous chemicals or metals, is more effective and lasts longer.


Q: What sets Cedar Bug-Free products apart from all the other natural bug sprays on the market?

A: Our products contain a higher level of active ingredient (cedar oil), resulting in a stronger and longer lasting pest control solution.